Committee Members

A four-member committee will conduct a formal review of the workers' compensation system.


Michael Werier

Michael Werier, chairperson, is the Chairperson of the WCB Board of Directors.  He is a lawyer with extensive experience as an arbitrator/mediator and an expert in employment and labour law, health law and civil litigation.

Chris Lorenc

Chris Lorenc, representing employers, is an employer member of the WCB Board of Directors.  He is the President of the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association (MHCA) and President of the Western Canada Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association (WCR&HCA).

Anna Rothney

Anna Rothney, representing labour, is the special projects coordinator for the Manitoba Federation of Labour, and previously worked for the Province of Manitoba in policy and community and economic development.

Ken Sutherland

Ken Sutherland, representing the public interest, is a former public interest member of the Board of Directors.  He is a retired Chartered Professional Accountant with extensive financial and business experience.