Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the role and mandate of the Legislative Review Committee (LRC)? 

A. The LRC's mandate is to oversee the review of The Workers Compensation Act (the Act ), in consultation with stakeholders and the public. The LRC will provide a final report with recommendations to government.

Q. Where can I get a copy of the Discussion Paper?

A. The Discussion Paper is available here.  

Q. Can I make a submission on any topic? ( now closed )

A. Yes, but the purpose of the review is to ensure that the Act  is up-to-date and modern for today's workplaces and the workplaces of tomorrow. The LRC will not be reviewing individual claims, employer accounts, or other WCB operational issues. Please refer questions about claims or assessment to your Case Manager or appropriate WCB contact.

Q. When is the deadline for submission?

A. The consultation closes on February 15, 2017 at midnight. ( now closed )

Q. Is this process confidential? How will my privacy be protected?

A. All written submissions will be posted on the website. By making a submission, you are consenting to posting on the website. You may make your submission anonymously. Please do not include personal information in your submission. Submissions containing claim-specific information, personal information of WCB staff, or otherwise containing inappropriate content (e.g., offensive comments or profanity), will be deleted before being posted online.

Q. Will there be in-person meetings?

A. The consultation was conducted online.

The LRC may choose to invite submitters to meet with them if the LRC wants more information or clarification about a submission.

Q. What happens after the consultation?

A. The LRC will produce a final report for government on the results of the consultation.

Q. How were members of the LRC chosen?

A. Members were named by Government (Cabinet) after consultation with representatives of employers and workers. Members were selected because of their expertise and knowledge in workers compensation.

Q. What is the role of the WCB in the Review?

A. WCB staff will provide research and logistical support as requested by the LRC.

Q. Is the final report of the LRC binding on the WCB or government?

A. No. Legislative changes are the prerogative of government.

Q. Does the Review include the operations of the Review Office or the Appeal Commission?

A. The Review includes the Review Office and Appeal Commission to the extent that the legislation (the Act ) deals with them. WCB operational considerations are not a subject for the Review.

Q. How will the LRC decide which suggestions for improvements make it into the final report?

A. The LRC intends to follow the model of the 2005 review, which was consensus-based.